When I take a trip, the vast majority of the time it’s on my 2007 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.  This site is a quick way of allowing me to take a picture and immediately post it to the web, or to post some thoughts while I’m on trips.   It’s defintiely a work in progress, as I set it up literally hours before I started on a 3 week trip out to the western United States.  Enjoy….


3 Responses to About

  1. Wow!!Awesome views today. Still very hot and humid here, but we do have a breeze. Just came from mass, as I’ll be leaving around 8:30 on Sunday to go see the Red Sox. Have a nice weekend. Love,XXOO

  2. pixxan says:

    I just finished going through your “ramblins” and am really looking forward to seeing those other pictures you mentioned.

    In one of your posts you mentioned “coming up from Texas.” When was that, and what part(s) of Texas? (You can probably guess my interest from my profile icon/avatar.)


    • ironmancc says:

      Was in TX many years back, from 1979-82. First stayed in Humble, then in Houston (what I called the SW outskirts, not downtown). Always told myself I’d get back down for a visit; but have yet to do so.

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