H-D Road Trip – Day 13 – Quebec City, QC

Today was supposed to be a laid back day, with no real rush to get anywhere.  Had noticed that Uncle Joe’s headlight was out yesterday, and upon inspection turned out to be his headlight AND spot lights – So there was a problem, somewhere.  Took our time drinking coffee & chatting, then headed over to the bikes and proceeded to spend about 45 minutes trying to track down the problem, with no luck.  Kind of tough to do a thorough check without a test light or volt meter.    😉   Upon Guy’s recommendation, I drove the bike to the local Harley shop (Boutin’s) & they had the problem nailed down within 10 minutes.  Turned out to be a bad spot light switch, which had blown one of the main fuses.  Had to laugh when one of the girls there said she knew Uncle Joe & I, even though we’d never been there – Turns out she’d been following our adventures on Facebook!  And, to top it off, they wouldn’t charge us for the repair, though Uncle Joe did tip the mechanic.  Got the bike back to the garage, put things back together, loaded up the bikes, and hit the road at 11:48 AM.  Guy brought us to the highway where we could catch Route 30 around Montreal, and we parted ways (though will see him in Quebec City again on Friday).  Route 30 eventually connected us with Route 20, and that was our journey for the rest of the afternoon.  Stopped about 50 miles from the City for gas & a break, then pulled into Quebec City around 3 PM, having covered 200.3 miles.  Fairly shortly after arriving, met up with my wife, Ann, who had come up with my two daughters, Rachel & Renee.  Had a GREAT supper in the hotel restaurant, followed by drinks with fellow Blue Knights, who had also arrived here early for the Northeast Conference Weekend.  A very nice day…..     🙂





About ironmancc

Harley Rider - Love to listen to music & take road trips. Also paying more attention to the Bible, my life & where I'm going.
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