H-D Road Trip – Day 12 – Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

September 4th – Left Brantford, ON about 9:20 AM and headed up Route 403 to 401, then took the “new ” Route 407 AROUND Toronto.  Saved us at least 30 minutes worth of downtown traffic, if not more.  Dropped down on Brock Road and reconnected with Route 401 on the other side of Toronto – It was a wonderful experience.  Continued on 401 forever, or what seemed like it.  Stopped at the Trenton rest area for gas and coffee, calling Guy Poirier so that we could connect with him, then continued on.  Stopped at the first rest area after crossing into Quebec at 3:30 PM and Guy was there waiting for us.  The first thing he said after greeting us is, “You’re right on time!”    🙂    Followed him to the garage where we dropped off our bikes (total distance today, 386.5 miles), then went to his house.  After socializing a bit, went out to supper and had an enjoyable evening out.  Back out the house, drank some more beers and kicked back watching Fender Guitar’s 50th Anniversary show.  Slept very well afterwards….      🙂



About ironmancc

Harley Rider - Love to listen to music & take road trips. Also paying more attention to the Bible, my life & where I'm going.
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