Another Planet?


No, though it certainly looks like it could be.  This is a mineral mountain formation at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Though you probably can’t tell, there is a liquid mineral waterfall cascading down, which forms additional layers on the mountain.  The mountain is actually growing bigger over time!


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Harley Rider - Love to listen to music & take road trips. Also paying more attention to the Bible, my life & where I'm going.
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2 Responses to Another Planet?

  1. Gary W says:

    Thank You for these great photos. How bad is the traffic there in the park, are you able to get around OK?

    • ironmancc says:

      Traffic depends on the time of day, as well what attraction you’re near. Generally, we really didn’t have a problem unless we ran into construction or there was wildlife near the road. For instance, a large buffalo laying near the edge of the road meant that literally every car that went by *had* to stop to look and/or take a picture. In that case, it doesn’t take long for traffic to back up. :-/

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